Tasha Smith joins Bad Boys replace Theresa Randle 4
Tasha Smith (Theresa Randle inset) Instagram/Paul Mounce/Corbis/Getty

Tasha Smith is joining the cast of Bad Boys 4.

The talented actress will join the franchise to play the role of Marcus Barnett’s loving and devoted wife, Theresa Barnett. 

News of Tasha’s casting is surprising considering Theresa Randle inhabited the role in the first three Bad Boys films. 

Theresa Randle as Theresa Barnett and Martin Lawrence as Marcus Barnett in Bad Boys

The good news you can rest assured that Tasha Smith will understand and execute the assignment. 

In addition to her notable work as an actress in TV (“Empire”) and film (Why Did I Get Married?), Tasha is a renowned acting coach and she’s been sitting in the director’s chair of various projects including “Mayor of Kingstown,” “Bel-Air,” and “BMF.”

Hours after the news of the recasting went public, a video of Theresa Randle surfaced online. 

It appears to show the 58-year-old actress using a walker and she doesn’t quite seem like herself. 

The concerning video feels exploitative, so I won’t be posting it here. 

Fans of the Bad Boys franchise took to social media to react to the news of the recasting of the fourth installment.

Read a few Twitter reactions below. 


Will Smith and Martin Lawrence took to social media to excitedly announced Bad Boys 4 was a go in January.

But, the plot for the film is still under wraps.

Are you excited about the new installment?

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