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When you flex on the internet, you run the risk of someone pulling your card. Fabolous got more than he bargained for when he took to the streets of Quinta Brunson‘s internet to wish his baby girl, Journey Jackson, a Happy 2nd Birthday.

The rapper shared a photo of himself and his baby girl along with the caption:

I named you Journey because that’s really what it’s been..

Might not know when you going thru it, but you’ll get it at the end

I don’t believe you can have faith unless you trust the JOURNEY. You have taught me that so I look at you with understanding & love.

Your life assures it will all add up… 10 • 10 • 2020

Happy Bday Journey Jackson ?
@journeyisabella_ ?

It was all rainbows and cupcakes in the comment section until Journey’s big sister, Taina Williams, showed up to burst all of the party balloons!

Taina is Emily B’s eldest child. She’s 24 years old and shares two children with rapper G Herbo.

According to Taina, Fabolous’ post is “hilarious” because he’s been a “bitter” absentee father to Journey for nearly a year.

Taina commented:

??? this post is hilarious ……

“Might not know when you going thru it, but you’ll get it at the end” Is Translation for = I haven’t taken care of my daughter in almost a year & don’t even ask about her well being because IDC & I’m bitter & I’m only a father to my two beautiful sons who I can manipulate.

Stop playing with the internet

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Taina Williams blasts Fabolous

Surprisingly, well maybe not so surprisingly, Fabolous’ fans turned on Taina and began attacking her in the comment section of the post.

One person wrote:

Be mad at your mother she chose to go back to Fab after the world found out about their physical altercation, stay in your place and worry about your situation.

Your mother knew exactly who he was before she had a third child with this man and it’s not to excuse his behavior but at the end of the day stay in your place and stay off the internet, if you feel some type of way about how he’s treating your sister I’m sure you have a number to contact him.

We the public don’t need to know what’s going on yet again with Fab and Emily keep family issues behind closed doors.

What’s super sad is Taina Williams may have stepped up to let the world know the truth behind the smoking mirrors because her mother is afraid to.

Fabolous’ domestic violence against Emily B has been very ugly, public, and well-documented.

Sadly, Emily chose to stick beside ’em and saw to it that his charges didn’t land him behind bars.

In November 2021, Emily B took to social media on Fab’s birthday writing:

I have so many pictures of me and @myfabolouslife but I was looking for a pic in my phone that best described him for who he truly ls ? no fancy pics ..just Papi with his kids

Happy Birthday! We love you!

See Emily’s original post below.


This is also the last photo she’s posted of the rapper on her social media page.

On Father’s Day of this year, Fabolous shared this photo of himself with his two sons, Johan and Jonas.

Whew, chile. Happiest Birthday, Journey! ??

Sending prayers of protection, peace, and love to Emily B and her children.