It be your own children. Apryl Jones recently went live with her 9-year-old son, Megaa, and he aired her out like a tire with a nail in it!

In the Instagram Live video, captured by Live Bitez, Apryl is sitting at the dinner table with her son, who goes on a mini rant where he talks about his mama drinking, Taye Diggs smoking weed, and her lying about the actor.

The convo continued like this:

Megaa: ..about you vaping, about you throwing panties at the camera, about you drinking, about Taye smoking weed…

Apryl: He doesn’t smoke weed.

Megaa: He has. 

Apryl: Did he ever smoke in front of you?

Megaa: No, but I smelled it. 

Apryl: He does edibles, baby. Stop saying that on the live. 

Megaa: I’m telling y’all the truth!

Apryl: No you’re not. Taye doesn’t smoke weed. He doesn’t put weed to his mouth and smoke it. That’s not what Taye does. he will do a weed edible. There is a difference.

Apparently, the viewers of the live began asking Apryl Jones where Taye Diggs was.

Megaa responded, “He ain’t here!” Apryl asked her son, “Where is he?” He responded again, “He ain’t here!”

Apryl said, “He’s working.”

Her son responded, “He ain’t working. He ain’t here! We don’t know specifically if he’s working or not. Did he text you?”

When Apryl Jones said she received a text message from Taye Diggs her son demanded to see it.

Show me the text,” Megaa said. “It’s only for y’all. She’s lying!

Watch the clip below.

I know everyone parents their children the way they see fit, but let me tell y’all how I would have gotten clipped on camera if I ever tried my mama like this!

Apryl Jones’ Instagram Live with her son, Megaa, has now sparked Taye Diggs break-up rumors.

You may recall that I recently reported “The Best Man: The Final Chapters” star said that his late mother sent him a message saying Apryl was “the one.”

Not if you let Megaa tell it. SMH

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