Taye Diggs and sister Christian Diggs in Live Your PosSCZible campaign

Taye Diggs, beloved for his roles in The Best Man and Rent, recently appeared on NBC News Daily to open up about a deeply personal and impactful part of his life: being the care partner for his younger sister, Christian, who is living with schizophrenia.

During the candid interview, Diggs shared the challenges and triumphs he has experienced in caring for someone with a neurological disorder.

His journey, marked by moments of helplessness and hope, offers a poignant perspective on the importance of understanding and support.

“It’s been a trip. I have to say I’m very proud and inspired with how far she’s come and how far all of us has grown,” Diggs revealed.

“Because when she was first diagnosed we didn’t know what was going on. There was a shift in my sister’s behavior and it caught everybody’s attention. We sent her to the doctor and then they gave us the news. As her older brother I felt, for one of the first times in my life, completely helpless. But, once she was set up with the right psychiatrist and the psychiatrist introduced her to the right meds we realized it was nowhere near as bad as we thought.”

Now, with his sister doing well, Diggs is focused on empowering others who may be facing similar challenges.

“I’m very proud to be able to spread the news and let people know it’s not what they may think,” he said, emphasizing the importance of education and support in managing schizophrenia.

To change misconceptions about schizophrenia, the Diggs siblings have partnered with global biopharmaceutical company Bristol Myers Squibb to launch the Live Your PosSCZible campaign.

This national initiative aims to raise awareness about the condition and reduce the stigma associated with it.

“When I was first diagnosed, it was very shocking and a bit scary,” Christian Diggs says in a video for the campaign.

“But of course, after receiving my diagnosis, I felt a little bit calmer about the whole thing, and I actually had hope because I could put a name on everything that was happening.”

This inspiring story underscores the importance of compassion, education, and support in the lives of those affected by schizophrenia.

Watch the full clip below to hear more from Taye Diggs about his journey as a care partner and their mission to transform perceptions about schizophrenia.

Also, check out Taye and Christian’s Live Your PosSCZible campaign below.

Taye Diggs hopes to “change the conversation” around schizophrenia, especially after witnessing his sister “blossom” through her journey with the condition.

“It’s in no way an easy thing to deal with, but it’s not the end of the world by a longshot,” he added.

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