Tahiry Jose, Joe Budden (via Instagram)

Joe Budden and his ex-girlfriend, Tahiry Jose, clashed in the streets of Instagram on Wednesday after she accused him of abuse. 

Tahiry Triggered By Joe Budden’s Commentary On Diddy

Tahiry shared that she was triggered by hearing her [alleged] abuser speak on the horrific video of Diddy brutally beating Cassie in a Los Angeles hotel.

When TSR shared a post about Joe Budden’s comments on Diddy, the former “Love & Hip Hop” star took to their comment section writing:

This whole s— took me out. So hard to watch. So sorry for Cassie and every other woman who is currently going through it or has ever gone through it. It’s tough.

Joe Budden and ex-girlfriend, Tahiry Jose (via Instagram)

Tahiry also added (in reaction to Joe’s commentary): 

FOH, Who???? The Irony. This is so triggering!!!! I remember Joey throwing me down a flight of stairs dragging me back into the house & me having to talk him into letting me go. FOR HOURS!!!!

Joe Budden took to his Instagram Story to share his response to Tahiry and accused her of lying. 

@therealtahiry you are a lying, failed gold digger that has abused, targeted, and manipulated many men. Outside of me you lack an identity which is why you’ve tried desperately to attach yourself to me for ever 15 years. 

He went on to point out she didn’t seem to have any issues with him the last couple of time they saw and/or communicated with each other. 

The last time I saw you I purchased a mattress from you and you were happy you made the sale, you were fine then.

There was that night after Starlets 6 years ago when you invited me inside your new place, you were fine then too. 

You were on my body your entire last stint on L&HH and tried your best to disrespect my son’s mother in the process, I had to ask producers to keep you away from us like the cancer you are!! 

Yet you continue to slight my name online because… it’s your identity. 

I don’t speak to you or about you because it’s low vibrational. You’re a low level Dyckman con woman that’s been lying about (you already know) for ages. 

Joe Budden, Tahiry Jose (via Twitter)

In closing, Joe Budden told Tahiry:

I pray you heal and move on one day, hopefully this is our last exchange… Preays to all real victims 🫶🏽🙏🏾

Tahiry returned to the comment section of TSR writing: 

@joebudden You can say WHATEVER you want about me! Those that know me know!!!! I’m not scare of you anymore. You can keep bullying, intimidating the rest. Those that know you and are around you also know the truth. Sad that they continue to enable your behavior. Your time is coming! 

Joe responded, “Get a job.”

Twitter Reacts 

Social media is buzzing and both Joe Budden and Tahiry Jose are trending as people react to their font-fighting on Quinta Brunson’s internet. 

Some are pulling receipts on Joe and others are accusing Tahiry of being an abuser in her past relationships as well.

Get into the tweets below.

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