Funky Dineva is trending in the streets of Twitter after he berated Chloe Bailey in a recent episode of his Fox Soul show, “TEA-G-I-F.” 

Dineva, whose real name is Quentin Latham, is a YouTube/internet/media personality who is widely known for his unfiltered and controversial commentary on entertainment, celebrity news, and hot topics.

On the most recent episode of “TEA-G-I-F,” Funky Dineva and his co-hosts, Claudia Jordan and Al Reynolds, were discussing the Halle Bailey pregnancy rumors. 

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In case you missed it, the internet believes The Little Mermaid star is pregnant by her rapper boyfriend, DDG.

Halle’s sister, Chloe Bailey, was recently live on Instagram and she told folks to keep her sister’s name out of their mouths.

Funky Dineva Drags Chloe Bailey

Apparently, Chloe defending her sister from internet speculation and rumors completely rubbed Funky Dineva the wrong way.

So he “went I and let have!” (As he would say.)

Before I was indifferent about Chloe Bailey – and I know this story is about Halle – I can officially say I don’t like her. 

Chloe Bailey is so go**amn lame to me! 

First of all, girl you are Miss Preppy Ashley from the suburbs. Then, you came out – you was being all promiscuous and s**t! And now you’re trying to be a gangsta!

None of it is f**kin believable, girl! None of it is believable!

And I’m probably gonna catch a lot of backlash for this – and without that makeup – she ain’t cute! 

She should have never showed up on that camera with that fat a** face without no makeup! 

She ain’t cute! You’re not believable! You’re so go**amn inauthentic – that’s why your s**t ain’t selling! 

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Funky Dineva is currently trending on Twitter as people react to his scathing remarks about Chloe Bailey.

Read a few tweets below.

Chloe Bailey has not publicly addressed or responded to Funky Dineva’s remarks about her.

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