Apryl Jones Gets Tongue Tied Trying To Explain The Ring On Her Ring Finger

Apryl Jones recently became tongue-tied during a podcast promo when her co-hosts questioned her about the ring on her ring finger.

One of Apryl’s co-hosts said the ring was the first thing she noticed when Apryl stepped into the room.

When she questioned her about the ring, all Apryl could say was, “It’s just…”

Apryl Jones’ other co-host teased her and started singing Tiffany Evans‘ “Promise Ring”, but Apryl refused to give up any details, at least while the cameras were rolling.

She posted the short video clip to her Instagram along with the caption:

Shine bright like a diamond 💎

Watch my podcast this Thursday 12est with these beautiful women! ❤️

See Apryl’s original post below:

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Apryl Jones has been dating the talented actor Taye Diggs for a while now, and rumors are constantly circulating about an engagement.

Taye recently shared that he received a message from his late mother telling him Apryl was “the one.”

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