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Tyler Perry took to his Instagram account on Monday and shared a short statement about his experience with being “church hurt.” 

The 53-year-old entertainment mogul opened up to his 7.3 million followers about the pain he experienced and how grateful he is that he didn’t let the “humanness of a person” make him “doubt the true love and compassion of God.”

Read Tyler’s full statement below. 

When I was younger I loved church, but then I felt something that I had no definition for at the time.

Today, It’s called “church hurt.” It’s when people who call themselves Christian cause you pain and heartache.

It was difficult to move through and painful but I’m so thankful that even at a young age I never let the humanness of a person who said they represented God make me doubt the true love and compassion of God.

See Tyler Perry’s original post below. 

One fan commented and shared her experience with church hurt: 

I needed this today 😭 my son and I were kicked out of our church because my son is 13 and autistic and they said he would never understand the word of God.

I did so much for that church and I worked so hard…and to be kicked out for that reasoning…it was a new, deep kind of hurt. God bless you Mr. Perry

Have you ever experienced “church hurt?” 

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