Aoki Lee Simmons via Instagram

Aoki Lee Simmons still has the streets of social media buzzing after the 21-year-old daughter of Kimora Lee Simmons and Russell Simmons was photographed on a romantic getaway with 65-year-old Serafina restauranteur Vittorio Assaf.

Aoki Simmons, Vittorio Assaf via Instagram

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Kimora Lee Simmons Reacts

Kimora Lee has not spoken out about Aoki’s baecation with her AARP boo thang, but she did allude to not being able to control her adult daughter with a social media post. 

The Baby Phat founder took to her Instagram Story and shared a video of a panda bear trying to wrangle in her unruly baby. 

The caption on the video read, “On my last nerve right now!” 

See the post below. 

Aoki Lee Simmons Warns Russell Simmons She Will Get A Sugar Daddy

One thing you can always count on is for social media sleuths to dig up receipts on someone. 

A video has resurfaced online that shows Aoki Lee threatening to get a Sugar Daddy if her father, Russell Simmons, doesn’t increase her spending budget. 

“If you don’t raise my budget, I’m going to get a sugar daddy,” Aoki said before claiming she was just “kidding.” 

Russell appeared to be stunned and told his daughter, “What’d you say?! You don’t even have sugar daddy capabilities, right?”

Watch the clip below. 

In June 2023, when Kimora Lee and Aoki Lee aired Russell out in the streets of social media Kimora accused him of cutting off their daughters financially.

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Russell Simmons took to social media from Bali to share a photo of himself and Aoki Lee with the caption, “Unconditional Love.”

Social Media Reacts

Aoki is still trending on Twitter as the public weighs in on her romance with Vittorio Assaf. 

Read a few tweets below.

What are your thoughts on Aoki Lee Simmons dating Vittoria Assaf?

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