Eric Benét in the bubble bath via Instagram

Eric Benét hit the streets of Instagram on Friday (April 5) and posted a bizarre video of himself in a bubble bath with a string of pearls on.

The R&B singer, who was covered in suds, said he was making the video “for all of the people who say he can only sing high.”

“High” being the operative word.

Eric then sings the viral song, “Hoist the Colours,” to show off his lower register.

Watch the video clip below.

Eric Benét’s video sparked hundreds of comments as the public struggled to understand what they just watched. 

Read a few reactions below.

“There is sooooo much to unpack here 😬”

“The choker pearl necklace, the maritime song. Suds on his head… the f— is going on here😂😂😂”

“What did I just watch?😮”

“Wtf is going on. Like what timeline of life is this 😂”

“Take his phone.”

“High is definitely The word to be used here.”

What are your thoughts on Eric Benét’s bubble bath banter?

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