Amanda Seales via Instagram

Amanda Seales took to Instagram visibly upset and on the verge of tears after she said a rapper violently yelled at her on the phone.

During an Instagram Live, she said:

A n— raised his MF voice at me on this phone today! A rapper whose albums I own.

Raised his voice on me on the phone today because I said I didn’t like something someone else did.


And he felt compelled to do that. He really felt like that was fine. Like he felt acceptable.

He felt was an acceptable way to speak to me. Yes he did.

He felt that was an acceptable way to speak to me.

I wasn’t even talking about him. 

Amanda Seales went on to point out (while yelling) that yelling is “violent.”

Like y’all really be out here yelling at us. And one thing I’m not doing in twenty twenty-four ain’t no n— MF yelling at me again! 

The actress and comedian added:

I think it’s so wild that somebody that reached out to me based on my merit and intellectualism…

I think it is so wild that that person would disrespect me in such a serious way.

Much like Christian Keyes, Amanda Seales did not name the rapper who violated her.

But, she affirmed those who were guessing who the rapper was in the comments.

Watch the clip below. 

Hopefully, the rapper who violently yelled at Amanda Seales will at the very least offer an apology and do better moving forward.

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