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Ari Lennox took to the streets of Instagram with a concise message for those who are concerned about her music and her career.

The “Pressure” singer recently shared her terrible experience as part of Rod Wave‘s “Nostalgia Tour.

I was never comfortable. I just remember every show, just racing to get off stage, racing to get through my set,” she said during an Instagram Live.

I previously reported during one show someone in the audience threw a water bottle at Ari while she was performing.

The unfortunate incident prompted many to ask why Ari Lennox was even on Rod Wave’s tour when they obviously have different audiences.

Many assumed it was a poor choice by her label, but we later found out Ari wanted to be a part of Rod’s tour.

One comment, in particular, got on Ari Lennox’s skin resulting in her taking to Instagram to get a few things off of her chest.

The person wrote, “Ari Lennox is one of the worst mismanaged artist just like Normani. Her lack of success can be attributed solely to her team which I’m starting to question why even sign an artist like her if you couldn’t market her.”

Ari addressed the tweet writing:

I’m need y’all to wrap this up swiftly. As a Neo Soul artist, it is a BLESSING to have made it as far as I have.

Especially in a world where it is very clear my music is NOT for everybody.

And that is fine and that is beautiful. I love my fans. I see y’all and I feel yall more than ever before!

I am grateful and beyond blessed to have space in this music industry. I know my s— is very niche and special and may not be understood by everybody.

Hell my music and choices are sometimes misunderstood by my own fans.

Imagine not messing with me because I decided to put on a lace front so that I can switch it up sometimes and give my hair rest to grow.

Imagine being pissed that every song on the album ain’t like pressure or shea butter baby.

My favorite song on my last album is mean mug. That’s who I truly am.

And I appreciate all the people who love every part of me.

I MAKE THESE ALBUMS FOR THE LISTENER…I’m the first listener baby.

I make these albums for me and I adore everybody who loves them and support it the same.

I love you all and I’m learning and I’m growing.

I have nothing to chase. I have already won.

See Ari Lennox’s original Instagram post below.

I wish Ari Lennox much success, music, and peace in 2024.

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