Allen Iverson is trending on Twitter after dropping straight ETHER on an unnamed TV personality during his interview on “All The Smoke” episode 46.

The basketball legend asked for a camera and looked directly into it when he dropped these bars:

It’s one guy…I know you know who I’m talking to. I know you hate me and trust me…I don’t hate nobody…yes, I do. I hate you. 

It’s one guy, that you know I’m talking to – that they (Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson) talking about right now…

It ain’t who you think it is. I got love for Skip [Bayless]. I know people think it’s Skip. It’s not you. But, it’s a guy that do exactly what you do and just trust me…the way you hate me – motherf**ker I hate you too!

The feeling is so mutual and you don’t help me and I don’t help you and I’m fine. I’m fine out here! Regardless of how much you talk about me. 

Watch the clip below:

Of course, this clip set the streets of Twitter ablaze.

The assumption is Allen Iverson was spitting that hot fire at Jason Whitlock.

Watch the full interview below:

Who do you think A.I. was referring to?

It’s been quite the week for Bubba.

First, we found out he used to date Da Brat and now he’s dropping ether on folks!

I’m here for all of it!