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On today’s episode of When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong, Mike Epps is apologizing to his wife, Kyra, for remarks about his treatment of women on the “All The Smoke” podcast.

‘I’m Gonna Learn How To Treat A Woman 100% Right’

Mike Epps told Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson that his goal is to “learn how to treat a woman 100 percent right” before leaving this earth. 

Mike began by sharing how he welcomed his son on the day his mother died. 

From there, he went on to say that he always questioned why he didn’t have a son. 

I used to cry all the time and ask God what have…what did I do wrong that I can’t have a son?

But, I know what it was.

I done lied to all these women and got them pregnant and sold them dreams and s— like that. 

Mike Epps continued to share his goal saying:

That’s one thing I’m going to get right before I leave this earth.

I’m going to learn how to treat a woman 100 percent right.

That’s something that I want to do.

For my mother, for my children, for my daughters.

I’ve never treated a woman right 100 percent.

And now that I’m getting older I’m realizing man you got to treat a woman right, Mike.

You can’t cheat on her. You gotta be her friend.

You got to not be selfish. This is what I want to do.

Watch the clip below.

These are very interesting words coming from a married man. 

Mike Epps tied the knot with Kyra Robinson in 2019 and they share two children. 

You may recall that Mike’s first wife, Mechelle (McCain) Epps, accused him of sleeping with Kyra while they were still married. 

Mike Epps Apologizes To His Wife Kyra Epps

Mike Epps is in the streets of Quinta Brunson’s internet apologizing to his wife for the reckless remarks he made during his interview on the “All The Smoke” podcast.

In his first apology, he wrote:

I wanna apologize to my wife for what I said on this dumb ass podcast s— this s— is a trick bag 💼

i am always misunderstood on what I say on the internet smh never again will I interview with anyone never 👎

i am off this s— for good f— off

In his second apology, Mike wrote:

Again I wanna apologize to my beautiful wife for ignorant and reckless I honor you and my family please forgive me.

See the posts below. 

Mike-Epps-apologizes-to-wife-kyra (1)

See what happens when you do the most trying to go viral?

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