Da Brat recently sat down with Kandi Burruss for an in-depth interview on her “Speak On It” YouTube series.

The rapper/radio show host/reality TV star spoke candidly about everything including her start in the music industry, dating Allen Iverson, coming out, marriage, her time in jail and more.

I thoroughly enjoyed this interview and I feel like I learned so much about Da Brat.

Below you a list of 13 Things We Learned From Da Brat’s Interview With Kandi:

  • Da Brat says Xscape gave her the cold shoulder when she joined the So So Def family.
  • Da Brat said LeftEye did not like her either. Brat believes LeftEye felt a way about JD bringing another female rapper into the camp.
  • Da Brat says she decided to come out in June because she was in love with Jessica Dupart, who lives her life out loud. 
  • Brat says she would love to marry Jessica, but because of her legal and personal issues…she wants to hold off on tying the knot.
  • When Brat was released from jail, Kandi wanted her to be a part of a show about lesbians. Brat turned it down because she wasn’t “ready.”
  • Brat met Kirk Frost at a club and he wrote his name and telephone number on the front and back of 20 one hundred dollar bills. He also bought her a Navigator.
  • Brat dated former NBA star Allen Iverson for a “good while,” but it didn’t work out because he was an NBA baller who was a hoe.
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  • Brat does not mind being considered as a bisexual…or fluid. But, she does not like labels.
  • Brat says back in the day she and her sister, LisaRaye, ran down on a chick and “mollywhopped” her for stealing money from LisaRaye’s then-boyfriend.
  • Brat says she was in shock and went into a depression when she was sentenced to serve time in prison. (Brat served two years behind bars.)
  • She never had to fight during her incarceration, but she had the most friction with the guards, who taunted her. 
  • Brat will be creating music for season 2 of “P-Valley.”
  • Brat wants to executive produce shows because she has so many ideas she wants to bring to the public.

Watch the full and interesting interview below:

Did you learn anything new about Da Brat from this interview?