A’ja Wilson Gets Cooked By Her Teammates Over Her Pre-Game Fit

A’ja Wilson Gets Chastised By Her Teammates For Her Pre-Game Fit

Las Vegas Aces‘ superstar forward A’ja Wilson showed up to the game on Saturday (June 24) in a fit that had her teammates up in arms.

Judging by A’ja’s Instagram post, the fit was inspired by Ginuwine’s song “In Those Jeans.”

The fit consisted of:

  • A white button-up, short sleeve crop top shirt.
  • A short denim patchwork skirt.
  • A matching denim patchwork clutch purse.
  • A pair of denim boots.

See A’ja’s original IG post below, and swipe to see her teammates’ locker room reactions.

Scoop some comments below:

A'ja Wilson comment 1.
A'ja Wilson comment 2.
A'ja Wilson comment 3.
AW comment 4.
AW comment 5.

A’ja Wilson has only been in the WNBA for five years and has already won two WNBA MVP awards (2020 & 2022), and she won her first WNBA Championship in 2022.

We wish A’ja Wilson and her Las Vegas Aces all the best as they try to go back-to-back this WNBA season.

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