Cam Newton & Tami Roman Debate If It’s Harder For Men To Impress Women Or Women To Impress Men

Cam Newton and Tami Roman got into a heated debate on his podcast “Funky Friday” over if it’s harder for men to impress women or women to impress men.

Tami Roman stood firm on her stance that it’s harder for women to impress men because there is a lot of competition between women concerning their overall appearance and body image, and she feels that “you are always in competition either with yourself or other women to be noticed.”

Cam Newton called bullsh*t and he referenced Kevin Samuels in an attempt to justify his response.

He said he noticed from Kevin Samuels’ questioning women on how they would rank themselves from 1-10 fresh out of the shower without any makeup or anything that most women don’t understand that they are built to deceive.

…And the reality of it kind of sparked my interest because I just saw it on social media as it kind of recirculated on my timeline.

And I said to myself, I was like, ‘Damn, like, most women don’t understand they are built to deceive.

You got makeup, you got lip injections, you got hair, you got, ah, lashes, you got fingernails, you got BBLs, you got… that’s 10 things that I just easily riddled off.

We not talking about tummy tucks, we not talking about this, that, and the third, we not talking about teeth, we not talking about that.

Now, half of that… less than half of that a man could never do.

…So with that, I’m saying, it is hard as f*** being a man!

Because the only thing a man can necessarily be kind of granted to do is veneers.

…It’s so much that a man has to do, right?

And that’s why I feel like it’s harder for it to be a man, ah, impressing a woman rather than a woman impressing a man.

Tami responded:

Bullsh*t, as you would say.

Because we’re talking about managing expectations.

And so women, fortunately for y’all, our expectations when it comes to a man are not as high as a man’s expectations when it comes to a woman that he wants to be with.

And that’s why women have to put on all the extras all the time. Just to be… noticed, excepted, entertained, you know, that interpersonal dynamic.

We got to do more to get that. Women, like, we wouldn’t care if you in to somebody that’s 300 pounds or whatever. A woman is going to take that guy at 300 pounds and he don’t have to do no extra.

As the conversation continued, Cam started to flip the dynamics, but Tami stood firm on her points.

Watch the clip of the Tami Roman vs. Cam Newton debate from the “Funky Friday” podcast below:

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