Ginuwine falls off stage Lovers and Friends Festival 2023

It may be time to hold a board meeting in regards to fitting Ginuwine for bubble wrap after he took a tumble off of the stage during the “Lovers & Friends” Festival over the weekend.

The 52-year-old singer is trending in the streets of social media after he attempted to jump down from the stage while performing “In Those Jeans” and lost his footing.

As he was going down, Ginuwine tried to grab onto the sign language interpreter and almost took him down too!

It’s the interpreter finishing the job after Ginuwine had fallen into the abyss for me!

Watch the clip below.

Here’s another angle of the fall.

Now that we know Ginuwine is fine, get into a few hilarious reactions to this latest performance tomfoolery.

Ginuwine took to his Instagram page to laugh off his “lil spill” and took it even further by singing Donnie McClurkin’s “We Fall Down.” 

In the caption of the post, Elgin wrote:

I buss my @ss I am constantly laughing with the funnies but we right back at it ATL stand up next year im windmillin so don’t mis it lolololol I got it prepared already but yeah I’m good about to do what I do one mo gin 🍷#loversandfriends #wine #90s shouts to the team @rickeyrushmusic and 

@itsjust_redd we all we got !!! GOE GINUWINE Over Everything

Watch below. 

You may recall, nine months ago, Ginuwine spoke after being “cyberbullied” with memes.

Two months after that, he passed out while trying to perform a dangerous water tank stunt for a Criss Angel magic show competition. 

Now, he’s falling off of a stage. 

It may be time for Ginuwine to start living the soft life because he’s making my nerves bad.

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