‘Act Your Age’: Kym Whitley, Tisha Campbell, & Yvette Nicole Brown To Star In Bounce TV Comedy 

Kym Whitley - Tisha Campbell - Yvette Nicole Brown - Act Your Age- Bounce TV

I am excited to share Kym Whitley, Tisha Campbell, and Yvette Nicole Brown are set to star in “Act Your Age,” a multi-camera comedy series set at Bounce TV.

The ensemble cast for “Act Your Age” is giving melanated “Golden Girls” for a new era. 

Kym Whitley plays the role of Bernadette, a successful, no-nonsense real estate developer. 

Tisha Campbell plays Keisha, described as “the wild card of the group who is always up to something.”

Yvette Nicole Brown, who is billed as a special guest star, plays the role of Angela, the former First Lady of Norfolk, Virginia, who is looking to redefine her life after the death of her husband.

Bounce TV has given a 16-episode order to the comedy series created by Alyson Fouse, who will also serve showrunner and executive producer of the series. 

“The opportunity to do ‘Act Your Age’ with Kym, Tisha, and Yvette on Bounce, a network that has made me feel so comfortable being my authentic self, means the world to me,” Fouse said. 

“We’ve built a world where the stories of Black women in the prime of their lives can be both funny and heartfelt; a world where individually they shine but they also show support for one another. ‘Act Your Age’ is a celebration of the Black women who have loved, raised, befriended, and held me up through the years and it honors and salutes the ones who have inspired me.”

Act The Age” is slated to premiere in Spring 2023 on Bounce TV.

Source: Variety

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