Kym Whitley is opening up about being accused of extortion over an R. Kelly tape in her upcoming episode of “Uncensored.” 

The comedian and actress revealed in her efforts to help keep someone’s tea under wraps, she was accused of extortion and had the FBI on her trail.

I got a tape with a young lady that was with R. Kelly at the time – she was of age, but she had presented herself as a virgin to her husband. So, I think that was the big problem. 

She didn’t want him to know that she wasn’t a virgin. 

So, I thought I was doing her a favor by letting her know that I had this so-called tape.

You know, I don’t know what you want to do about it.

Kym Whitley goes on to explain how a publicist got involved and convinced the woman Kym was trying to extort her. 

The situation blew up to the point where the FBI began following Kym Whitley and they ultimately called her while she was in route to her fourth audition for a really big gig.

After the FBI threatened her about what would happen if she was in possession of “the tape,” she became so upset and overwhelmed that she fell out in the audition and lost the gig.

Watch below as Kym shares the story.

In 2004, a Chicago man named Derrick Mosley was arrested for extortion after he allegedly tried to get former Yankee Gary Sheffield and his wife, DeLeon Richards-Sheffield, to pay him $20,000 for a tape of her sleeping with R. Kelly.

DeLeon denied being in a threesome, but she did take to her official website and admit that she had once “strayed from the Lord.”

R. Kelly is currently on trial in Manhattan for sex-trafficking and racketeering.

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