Don't Hang Up Key Art

Bounce TV has released the official trailer for Don’t Hang Up, the forthcoming thriller starring Wendell Pierce, Lauren Holly, and Eden Cupid.

The mystery revolves around Chris Daniels (Pierce), a husband and father whose life is upended when he gets a phone call that hurls him into a harrowing journey to save his family.

Told his daughter has been taken hostage, Chris is ordered by the kidnappers to complete a series of missions to get her back, all while maintaining one deceptively simple rule: Don’t hang up.    

Meanwhile, the growing number of unanswered texts and calls from his wife Tracy (Holly) leads to escalating fear and even police interference – which unwittingly puts the safe return of their daughter (Cupid) in even greater jeopardy.

Wendell shared: 

As an actor, I always look for opportunities to do good work with good material. ‘Don’t Hang Up’ is a film that meets this standard.

I’ve always wanted to do a thriller, where an ordinary man is thrown into an extraordinary situation. Based on a true story, it’s evidence that sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

Watch the trailer below. 

Don’t Hang Up premieres this Sunday, March 20 at 8/7c on Bounce.

Will you be watching?