3 Suspects Arrested In North Atlanta Spa Human Trafficking Bust

According to police, six massage parlors in North Atlanta have been operating as prostitution networks, and three suspects have been arrested.

The massage parlor locations expand across Roswell, Georgia, and three of the six parlors are located on Holcomb Bridge Road.

The six massage parlors that have been shut down due to an extensive human trafficking operation are:

  • Alpha Massage
  • Ease Massage
  • Enjoy Massage
  • Iris Massage
  • Barefoot Massage
  • Rose Massage

The Police Department, the Fulton County District Attorney’s office, and advocacy groups were all working together to enforce regulations for massage parlors and spas when they discovered the human trafficking operation.

Atlanta District Attorney Fani Willis made the following statements concerning the matter:

We’re someplace that attracts a lot of visitors.

And so, with that responsibility, and with being that beacon of light comes some of these ugly subjects.

This is not the city, or the place, or the county, for this to occur.

We made sure that prior to doing this, not knowing how many women or victims that we would encounter, that we had some place for them to go.

And so, we’ve been able to make sure that right now they do have housing.

That they are being taken care of, that they are safe.

Because of a 2022 Roswell City ordinance, undercover officers realized something criminal was happening at the six spas in question.

Roswell police served search and arrest warrants at 10 different locations throughout Roswell, Sandy Springs, John’s Creek, and Atlanta.

As a result of their search, they made three arrests and found 20 victims of trafficking.

Roswell police believe there will be more arrests made.

Watch the “Atlanta News First (AFN)” news report below:

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