Lil Scrappy-Bambi-Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 14

The streets of Twitter are buzzing about “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Season 11 Episode 14. 

Resting Beach Face

The episode titled, “Resting Beach Face,” picks up right where last week left off with Spice and Bambi going at it during the group’s first dinner on their Bahamas trips. 

Eventually, Shekinah Jo joins the circus on Spice’s behalf to get her clown on and unleashes on Bambi. 

Thank goodness for the eel who pulled up causing Spice and Shekinah to flee the scene.

Khaotic tapped into his inner Iyanla Vanzant, beloveds, and gave his best effort to defuse the tensions in the group with a positive vibe.

But, the highlight of the episode was when Lil Scrappy and Bambi had a meaningful and emotional conversation about their marriage (while Yandy Harris stood within earshot trying to get the tea). 

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