'Love & Hip Hop Family Reunion': Lyrica Puts Hands On Shekinah

In season 3, episode 9 of “Love & Hip Hop Family Reunion,” Lyrica Anderson stopped arguing with Shekinah and let her hands do the talking.

During the 90s theme Prom Night event, Lyrica was sitting with Mariahlynn, and she asked her if she wanted to go get a drink.

Lyrica got up and quickly diverted from the drink mission, and went straight over to Shekinah and put da paws on her.

Prior to throwing the first punch, Lyrica told Shekinah, “I just want to tell you, don’t talk about my son or my motherf****** mother! You dumb b****!”

Shekinah, who admits she’s not a fighter, was completely caught off guard.

She was sitting at a small table eating chicken before she was attacked, and her quick reaction to Lyrica’s swinging allowed her to dodge a few punches and regain her bearings.

Watch the clip from Love & Hip Hop Family Reunion below:


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Earlier at the party, before it became fight night, Lyrica confided in Amara La Negra about being frustrated with the “Love & Hip Hop Family Reunion” experience because she was already dealing with a divorce, and she thought she was coming to a place where women would build each other up.

She said that the drama with Shekinah just compounded what she already had going on in her life, and she was at the point where she was ready to match Shekinah’s petty.

Lyrica did attempt to squash the drama with Shekinah on an earlier episode of the show, but it just turned into another argument.

Watch the clip from “Love & Hip Hop Family Reunion‘ below of Lyrica attempting to come to a resolve with Shekinah:

Lyrica was released from the show for putting her hands on Shekinah.

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