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Erica Mena Says Spice Doesn’t Have ‘The Guts’ To Apologize To Her

Erica Mena-Spice

Erica Mena issued an apology for calling Spice a “blue monkey,” but she says the Queen of Dancehall doesn’t have the “guts” to apologize to her.

You may recall that Spice brought up Erica’s teenage son, King, during their heated confrontation on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” 

The ladies were going back and forth about Safaree when Spice told Erica Mena her son “doesn’t like her.” 

That’s when Erica flipped completely out!

She flipped the table, wished death on Spice, and called her a “blue monkey.” 

When Erica posted her apology statement on her Instagram page, someone commented:

Did she apologize to you for bringing up your child?

Erica responded, “She will never have the guts unfortunately.”

See the exchange below. 

Erica Mena - Spice - Apology

It’s not that Spice doesn’t have the guts to apologize – it’s that she’s not taking accountability.

Spice has said in multiple times that she didn’t say anything negative about Erica Mena’s son.

Do you think Spice owes Erica an apology?

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