Love & Marriage Huntsville

The OWN network recently released the first look super trailer for the return of “Love & Marriage: Huntsville,” and it is full of drama.

Marsau Scott’s slick talk keeps him in the mix of a lot of disputes in the upcoming season.

Stormi Steele’s husband Courtney appears to be ready to put the paws on somebody.

Martell Holt is continuing his relentless quest to get Mel back.

Rumors of Marsau cheating on LaTisha Scott continue to strain their marriage

Maurice Scott is still trying to get Kimmi Scott to satisfy his sexual appetite.

All that and more can be seen in the first look super trailer of the return of the no. 1 reality TV series on OWN.

Read 15 wild quotes from the “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” super trailer below:

  1. Call the police and drug test her mother f***ing a**! (Marsau)
  2. This is the second time you’re comfortable enough where you can have an argument with my wife in my presence. (Keke’s husband)
  3. Marsau always involves himself in the ladies’ discussion. (Keke)
  4. You still owe me $3,700. (Marsau)
  5. I think we should let Tisha talk because with you doing it it’s all over the f***ing place. (Stormi’s husband Courtney)
  6. Anybody can get slapped! (Martell)
  7. Making love to your husband and your wife is an emotional bond. If you’re not getting that emotional connection at home chances are you’re going to get it somewhere else. (Kimmi)
  8. Biggest regrets is that I had four kids by a dude that never made me… (Melody)
  9. She had an affair on me too, with multiple guys. (Martell)
  10. Martell had somebody come through last night. (Maurice)
  11. I was next door getting my makeup done, sounded like someone was having sex. (Kimmi)
  12. You know I was sick a lot, right?… Last time I remember feeling that way I was pregnant. (LaTisha)
  13. I think it’s very disrespectful to get pregnant on your husband who’s got a vasectomy. (Marsau)
  14. Marsau and … had an affair. (Keke)
  15. I’ve never cheated that’s not me. (LaTisha)

Watch the “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” first look super trailer below:

Don’t forget to watch the premiere of the new season of “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” on September, 16 at 8 PM EST on the OWN network.

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