'LAMH': Keke Jabbar, Latisha Scott’s Cousin, Admits She’s On Methodone, But Has Not Relapsed Like Marsau Scott Implied

Keke Jabbar, LaTisha Scott’s cousin, took to her Instagram Live to address claims that she has relapsed and is wanted in Huntsville, Alabama, for stealing.

At the end of “Love & Marriage Huntsville” Season 6, Episode 15, which aired on July 15, a mid-season trailer was played suggesting that Keke Jabbar was wanted by Huntsville police for stealing.

Marsau Scott also implied that Keke relapsed in the mid-season trailer.

Keke took to her Instagram Live to dispel the misconceptions that the mid-season trailer was putting out about her.

…I want people to know that I will never ever cause them to allow me to go back into a situation that I got away from.

That I’m much happier in my life now. They don’t have that much power over my life, baby! I promise you. They don’t have that much power.

Y’all giving them way too much credit!

They could never… this show could never cause me to go back to what I came from.

It couldn’t, you know, um, I know never say never and I do believe in never say never, but what I’m actually trying to say is I’m a lot stronger than y’all think I am.

And I am not on the verge of any kind of relapse at all.

I am taking Methadone. Yeah!… That’s true, I”m taking Methadone.

And with Methadone you cannot take any opioids.

It will block it, you know. I’m also weaning off, you know, I’m happy in my life right now.

I have no reason to go back to anything that destroys me. No reason whatsoever.

So, I want y’all to know that.

Thank you for the support, thank you for the prayers, thank you for all of that, but I promise you I’m good!

As for the stealing allegations and being wanted by the Huntsville police, Keke said:

…Y’all think about it, I’m in Huntsville, Alabama…

They know where I am. If I was wanted don’t y’all think they would’ve came and got me by now?

Like, make it make sense. I’m wanted, and I’m on a national TV show.

But, I’m wanted?… Okay, okay… So I’ll let y’all figure that out by y’all selves.

I have never in my life been arrested for stealing. Ever in my life.

Watch a clip from Keke’s IG Live addressing the allegations below:


Watch Keke Jabbar’s full IG Live below:


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