‘Love & Marriage Huntsville’: Stormi Checks Marsau About A Last Minute $100 Vendor Fee At The Blaqué Business Expo

In season 6, episode 14 of “Love & Marriage Huntsville,Stormi Steele quickly checked Marsau Scott for coming up with a last-minute $100 vendor fee at the Blaqué Business Expo.  

The Blaqué Business Expo was a comeback group initiative to support and celebrate entrepreneurs.

The event was held on March 8, 2023.

Blaqué Business Expo Flyer

Melody pulled out of the event because she felt it was too early for her to do an event, with the comeback group, given her current relationships with some of the people in the group.

So Stormi happily filled in for Mel.

Stormi and her husband Courtney Beasley came to the walk-thru to view the venue space and to gain more knowledge on what the Blaqué Business Expo is about.

Nothing was mentioned at the meeting about a $100 vendor fee.

On the day of the event, Marsau came into the space like a drill sergeant because the venue wasn’t set up to his standard.

His wife, Tisha, even checked his energy.

When he spotted Stormi setting up, he asked Tisha if she paid a vendor fee.

Tisha told him no, and that it wasn’t presented to Stormi as a requirement for her to pay a vendor fee, but she could donate if she wanted to.

Marsau tried to get Tisha to ask Stormi for a $100 vendor fee, but she refused and told him to do it himself.

Marsau went over to Stormi and tried to butter her up before he hit her with the spontaneous fee, but she quickly checked him about coming to her at the last minute about $100 that was not mentioned at the walk-thru meeting.

Stormi told Marsau that his energy was very “low vibrational,” and as she continued to verbally apply pressure, Marsau attempted to try to get his wife Tisha to bail him out after she told him not to question Stormi about any money.

Watch the clip of Stormi checking Marsau at the Blaqué Business Expo from “Love & Marriage Huntsville” below:

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