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Sandra Bland’s Arresting Officer Says His Life Is Ruined: ‘I Wish I’d Never Seen Her’ (Video)

State Trooper Brian Encinia fired - Sandra Bland


Tonight’s episode of TV One’s “Two Sides” will feature the tragic death of Sandra Bland.

Bland died in a Waller County jail cell in July 2015 after she was arrested at a traffic stop.

They claim she committed suicide with a garbage bag, but we all know better than that.

Brian Encinia, the state trooper who arrested Sandra told his attorney “his life is ruined” and “I wish I’d never seen her.”

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Well, I’m sure his “ruined life” doesn’t compare to the life he stole from Sandra in a chain of events that began with his B.S. traffic stop.

Not to mention the pain, suffering and loss her family has endured.

Watch the clip below from tonight’s episode.


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