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Today would have been Bob Marley‘s 75th birthday.

Ziggy Marley took to social media to remember his iconic father on his born day with a heartfelt and nostalgic post:

Daddy would have been 75 physical years old today and we would be setting up the party now with excitement for the old man as he burns a spliff.

sharon cedella would be making sure things are in order homemade cake would be mixing outdoor fire burning with pots bubbling the yard would be full of friends and family Bob would be playing around with his grandkids strumming his guitar mommy would make sure he’s looking after himself …..?

miss him more than words can ever say. His energy spirit is with us life goes on in other forms. who feels it knows it .JAH. #bobmarley75

See Ziggy’s original post below:

Happy Birthday, Bob Marley. Rest in peace.