Rapper Young Dro Reveals His Dad Struggled With Addiction For 55 Years

Rapper Young Dro, who is 17 months sober, recently revealed that his dad struggled with addiction for 55 years.

My dad used for 50 years… 

My dad been using drugs for 50 years. 

He’s still here… he has cancer right now, but he been using dope for like 55 years, it got to be, you know what I mean?…

Yeah, strongly.

Young Dro revealed during the interview that his mom also struggled with addiction, and out of seven siblings on his mother’s side five of them have died from drug addiction.

His mother and his auntie, who is a recovering addict, are the only two still living.

It is sad to hear that Young Dro was born into addiction, but it is great to know that he is 17 months sober.

Watch the clip of the Young Dro interview from VLAD TV below:

Young Dro is an Atlanta rapper whose debut album, Best Thing Smoking, was released in 2006 under Grand Hustle and Atlantic Records.

His most notable hit song is “Shoulder Lean” featuring T.I.

Our prayers are with Young Dro and his family as they strive to overcome their addictions.

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