T.I. upset community didn't stand up for his family

T.I. is deeply hurt and disappointed by the silence of his community, friends, and organizations he’s supported when his family was under attack on social media. 

The 42-year-old rapper is referring to his recent online quarrel with social media personality Charleston White, who is known for his uncensored and wildly flagrant commentary about everything and everyone.

See Exhibit A below.

Apparently, Charleston shared some pretty strong and offensive opinions regarding T.I.’s 18-year-old son, King Harris, and Lil Boosie’s son, Tootie Raww.

In a video clip, which is circulating on Instagram, Charleston said Tootie is jail bound and he doesn’t know how to fight. 

He went on to drag King into it saying that he doesn’t know how to fight either and called him a “little yellow motherf**ker” and a “long-haired freak.”

King Harris took to social media and responded to Charleston White calling him a “b**ch” and threatened to “whoop his @ss.” 

Eventually, T.I. got involved and things quickly turned into an online dumpster fire!

Threats were made (by all parties) and things were said (by Charleston) that are so egregious I won’t even quote them on this site. 

Now, after some deep thought and meditation, T.I. is upset that everyone didn’t jump in the dumpster fire on his and his family’s behalf.

The “King of the South” shared a video on his Instagram page where he said:

This is the second time I’ve seen my family attacked and seen social media weaponized against us by the enemy.

This is the second time. 

Both times, I watched the community have absolutely nothing to say on our behalf.

I’ve watched friends, or people who we say are friends, I’ve watched people who we have donated our time, efforts, energy, resources, and attention to look on.

At not just me…my family – my wife, my children are attacked…

He went on to say, “None of these organizations, none of the leaders of these different communities…nobody. Nobody thought to stand up and speak on my family’s behalf when we are being attacked.”

In closing, Tip made it very clear that he plans to keep that same energy with everyone else going forward.

Watch the full video below. 

T.I. turned off the comments on his video, but he wasn’t done. 

He also shared a few quotes on his page to drive home what he’s feeling.

The first read, “Some people don’t realize how hard you ride for them until you park.” 

The second post read, “People like me don’t have People. We are the people That people have. Read that again.” 

See the posts below. 

T.I. has every right to feel whatever he’s feeling right now. 

But, I also think it is important that he understands that everyone doesn’t make it their business to jump into other folk’s foolishness. 

T.I. considers himself as a “community leader” so he has a habit of inserting himself in a lot of situations that have absolutely nothing to do with him. 

However, that isn’t everyone’s ministry. 

T.I., his wife, and his son, King Harris, have made multiple headlines over the past few years and they have not been favorable.

Headlines include sexual assault allegations, accusations of putting a gun to a woman’s head, heckling a female comedian on stage, punching a singer who kissed him on the cheek, and belittling Waffle House employees, just to name a few.

It was just last month that T.I. took to Instagram after King’s recent arrest and told his 14+ million followers, “I know my son. Think I ain’t spoke to my son? Think I ain’t told my son, his mama and his grandma? His ass is going to prison…if he keeps this sh*t up, his ass is going to prison.” 

Could it be possible that people weren’t speaking out in support of T.I. and his family because they now view them as problematic? 

Don’t get me wrong – by no means do I support or condone the deplorable things Charleston White said during his online feud with T.I. and his son, King.

But, I would implore T.I. to continue in his self-reflection and mediation to get a full understanding of why “the community” chose to sit this one out.

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