Young Dro anti-gun violence initiative

Gun violence has plagued Atlanta’s youth and Young Dro is doing his part to change that. 

The “We In Da City” rapper, whose real name is D’Juan Montrel Hart, has launched an anti-gun violence initiative in an effort to stop the violence and save lives. 

While talking to 11Alive, Young Dro shared that the violence has impacted him because he was also a victim of gun violence.

“It impacted me really, really, really tough because I was a victim of gun violence. The time that we spend doing nothing…actually we conjure up things that aren’t necessary.”

Dro went on to say, “I feel like I could be a voice to actually curve that by being a Hip Hop…a rapper…somebody that they’re familiar with. So, it affects me because I feel like I can be a voice and I know that I make a change.”

Young Dro’s plan with his anti-gun violence initiative, Guns Down, is to “meet the kids where they are.”

“We’re going to give them a voice and the OGs are going to sit back and listen.”

Watch Dro’s full interview with 11Alive below. 

In a post on his Instagram page, Dro shared:

Imma keep it real with y’all I would have never thought this would have been apart of my journey in life tbh I never thought about being sober never would’ve scratched weed out (that was normal 🤷🏾‍♂️🤣) but to see myself in dis light when I frm the projects I’m frm the hood my family still in da hood today that don’t give me the right to be out here on some goofy s***.

The way this s*** going is senseless shawty.

I said that to say 1. We don’t order our steps, God do. 2. You can still be a rapper and stand up. 3. I hope y’all don’t wait til it hit y’all doorstep to speak up cause dats lame af shawty.

And really when our fellow peers ( 🕊️Doe, Nip, Skoob, Take, Marlo, Fresh and so on….) started hitting the news THAT should’ve been considered your doorstep or when a kid same age as ur kid, niece, nephew, potna kids THAT should’ve been considered ur doorstep.

Ima do all I can but WE stronger together💯….all dat Otha sh** that don’t concern banning together ain’t bout nothin.

See his original post below.

Kudos to Young Dro for taking steps to save our troubled young people and showing them there is a better way than gun violence. 

In a recent interview, the rapper revealed he is 17 months sober

I pray that he keeps up the great work – personally and in his community!

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