Rapper Young Dro recently had a transparent conversation on the “Big Facts” podcast about his former drug addiction.

He said he’s always gotten opportunities based on his musical talents, but the focus wasn’t there because he would indulge in drugs.

You know… I indulged. 

And, you know, by the grace of God I was able, you know, make it through and keep myself up.

You know, but actually the business part… it kind of like went left. 

You know, sometimes I would be available, sometimes I won’t.

But when it most counted I wasn’t available.

Dro says he went to rehab in Hollywood a year ago and he is a year clean.

He revealed that addiction runs rampant in his family and his 19-year-old daughter has even started using. 

He said he tried to convince her to go to rehab with him, but she spazzed out on him.

Watch the video clip below:

Shout out to Young Dro for choosing his family and his health over his addiction.