Nick Cannon Chimes In On The Rumored Romance Between Jimmy Butler & Shakira

Nick Cannon recently gave his opinion on the rumored romance between Miami Heat superstar Jimmy Butler and Colombian singer Shakira on his show “The Daily Cannon.”

Let’s go Jimmy Buckets!… The young boy living!

I love this for Shakira too because she just went through some times and stuff…

Nick’s co-hosts Mason On The Mic, Courtney Bee, and Abby De La Rosa then went off on a tangent about how Shakira found out that her ex was cheating on her because the woman that he was cheating on her with was eating her jelly.

Later in the conversation, Nick chimed back in about how much he approves of the relationship.

I’m very happy for Shakira and Jimmy Butler.

Jimmy Butler, a young boy in these streets, living… just the Miami Heat… Young, virile, strong…

Watch the clip of Nick Cannon and crew talking about the rumored romance between Jimmy Butler and Shakira from “The Daily Cannon” show below:

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