Atlanta Mom, Samantha Hesler, Has Her Arm Sewn To Her Stomach To Try To Save It After Being Attacked By A Pit Bull

Samantha Hesler was viciously attacked by a Pit Bull Bully she was dog-sitting in her home on May 20, 2023, and her injuries were so bad that she had her arm sewn to her stomach in an attempt to save it.

She was rushed to Grady Hospital’s Trauma Center for emergency surgery right after the bite, and she spent a month at the hospital receiving treatment.

Doctors considered amputating her arm, but she decided to have it sewn to her stomach to try to save it.

Less than two weeks after being released from the hospital, her wounds became infected.

She said, luckily, she noticed something wasn’t right, and she went back to the doctor.

If the infection would have been any farther along or any worse they would have had to take my arm off.

Samantha Hesler is now back in Grady Hospital receiving around-the-clock treatment.

She said she is not doing good and she cries at least two or three times a day.

I’m not doing too good. I have very rough days. I cry at least two or three times a day.

Samantha’s 16-year-old daughter Kanya described the incident like the dog just snapped and attacked her mom’s arm.

The dog just, ‘Rah, rah, rah. Boom!

People just think a dog bite is like, ‘Ooh a dog just bit me.’ Like it looks like she got attacked by a shark.

Kanya saved her mother’s life by grabbing a knife and stabbing the dog in the eye.

Samantha suffered extensive damage to her arm, and she had multiple surgeries.

She later learned that the dog had been bred to attack, and she is now urging people who allow dogs in their homes to first learn the history of the dog.

If you’re not getting the proper paperwork, taking the proper channels, this type of stuff is gonna continue to happen.

Samantha is a single mother of three, and she said this incident has taken a toll on her family because she can’t work, the hospital bills are adding up, and back to school is nearing.

Doctors are not sure when she will be able to go home.

Samantha wants the owner of the dog to face charges, but Animal Control said no charges will be filed.

Carroll County Animal Control euthanized the dog, after they tased it, and police shot it with bean bags, but it remained aggressive.

Samantha Hesler said round-the-clock antibiotics seem to be treating her infection, but doctors don’t know for sure.

A GoFundMe has been created to help with Samantha’s medical expenses at:

The GoFundMe description reads:

My name is Alexandra Green and I created this account in hopes to help raise donations to help with financial support during recovery for Samantha Hesler. Samantha is a hard working single mother of 3 children ages 16, 9 and 1year old. On the evening of May 20th 2023 Samantha was brutally attacked by a pit bull dog she was boarding for a friend. She was rushed to Grady Trauma center and rushed into emergency surgery to save her life, and attempt to save her arm and leg. By the grace of God she pulled thru the emergency surgery and is now stable. Unfortunately the circumstances for her arm are not promising, and even if her arm can be saved she will have no use of it for a long time. Samantha supports her children by providing dog grooming, boarding and welping services. It is her entire independent income and in the blink of an eye her and her children’s lives are now forever changed. She has a very long and hard road to recovery ahead of her , physically as well as mentally. We are hoping to be able to raise enough money to help cover her living expenses for her and her children during her recovery. Anything at all will be so greatly appreciated and even if you can only offer prayers for her and her children at this time that is very much appreciated as well. Samantha is so strong and she has been thru so much , she will pull thru this .Please and thank you all so much for your time and consideration.

The GoFundMe has surpassed its goal of $10K, and the organizer recently gave an update on Samantha’s condition.

May 25, 2023 by Alexandra Green, Organizer
Thank you so much to everyone for all your donations, support and prayers! As of 5-25-23 Samantha will be moving out of ICU into the residential room! Her leg is doing so good! Her arm is still our biggest concern but things are looking more promising for now!! She begins physically therapy today which is her next step to recovery and one step closer to getting home to her babies. She still has to have a few more surgeries and grafts placed on her arm. We don’t have a timeframe just yet as to when she will be able to go home as she has to successfully complete therapy for her leg as well as arm before she can be discharged. She has such a long road ahead of her and will need all the support she can get. Thank you all so very much and continue to keep her and her babies in your prayers ♥️

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Source: WSB-TV Atlanta News

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