Jackie Bonds and Josh Demas

Love Is Blind” Season 4 star Jackie Bonds says she is “sick” after Josh Demas broke up with her and ended their one-year relationship.

During a GRWM (Get Ready With Me) on Instagram Live, Jackie revealed her fluffy-eared boo thang broke up with her two weeks after the “Love Is Blind: After The Altar” special aired on Netflix.

Josh Demas ended their relationship after Jackie Bonds went against his wishes and had a conversation with his ex-fiancé, Monica Rodriguez.

Monica Rodriguez-Josh Demas-Jackie Bonds - Love is Blind Season 4
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Monica Rodriguez Was Engaged To Josh Demas

Yep, Josh got engaged to Monica in the pods, but like many other relationships on “Love Is Blind,” their story wasn’t compelling enough to make the final cut.

Josh was upset with Monica because she took to social media to share her LIB engagement story.

Apparently, he wanted to keep their failed engagement a secret.

Monica Rodriguez wrote:

LIB ENGAGEMENT ALERT*** Since EVERYONE was given the opportunity to share their stores, I can finally tell mine. Many of you have messaged me about my journey asking if I found love in the pods. As many of you might know, not all stories are shown on camera.

When I joined Love is Blind I was truly ready to find the love of my life. I had spent intentional time working on myself and ensuring I was who I wanted to be, for myself and my future partner. I wanted to show up emotionally/mentally healthy and available.

This experiment encouraged me to be vulnerable and share parts of myself that are not easily accessible. As my relationships began to develop, I thought I had found somebody who finally saw me and accepted me for me. I accepted his proposal and we were onto the reveal.

During the reveal, reality set in and my heart and mind were torn. I wasn’t sure if I had made the right decision or picked the right person. The only thing I did know was that you shouldn’t feel torn on your engagement day.

It should be a decision in your life that is made with great confidence and no second thoughts.

This is when I realized that this wasn’t gods plan for me. I wasn’t at peace with my decision and ended our engagement shortly after filming. Since then, I have continued to work on myself and am grateful to Love is Blind for the opportunity to participate in an experiment where people really do find their person.

I wouldn’t change anything about my experience. I’m proud of myself for giving love another chance. I continue to keep an open heart for the person god has single-handedly designed for me.

Thank you for reaching out and for all the love and support you’ve sent my way. May everyone find their someone one day ❤️

And yes, I kept the ring 💍 @loveisblindnetflix #loveisblindfinale

See her original post below.


While Monica was developing a relationship with Josh, Jackie was building a connection with Marshall Glaze.

Jackie Bonds - Marshall Glaze - Love Is Blind Season 4

Jackie eventually played Marshall for a fool, ended their engagement, and took off with Josh.

Jackie Bonds Is ‘Sick’ About Her Split From Josh

Jackie Bonds - Josh Demas - Love is Blind Season 4

Anywho, what goes around comes around and now Jackie Bonds is heartbroken. 

She told her followers:

I’m still sick about it low-key. I love that man. I was like, ‘Damn, I had all these life plans with you, you know? And then you just don’t even care,’ and I’m like, that’s crazy, over a conversation with somebody? — It don’t matter.

I tried to fix it, I tried to mend it. I did everything I could, and what’s crazy is that looking back at these messages, I look like a begging a– b—–!

It is what it is.

Watch the clip below.

Jackie Bonds had scrubbed her Instagram account of all of Josh’s photos aside from promotional images from “Love Is Blind.

With all due respect, Josh and Jackie’s relationship lasted much longer than I expected it to. 

Source: People

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