Cece Peniston took to social media and opened up about some of the challenges she’s been facing in her personal and professional life.

In a lengthy post on her Instagram page, the singer unloaded as she spoke about the impact of COVID-19 on her loved ones as well as her foes disguised as friends who are trying to take advantage of her musically.

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I’m over it and I’m tired of hiding .. I’ve had 10 people with covid and 2 people with hospitalizations and no one I was around but damn, a friend with cancer, a sick dog, one person in a medical coma, people stealing my music, body of work or whatever and crushing my dreams which no amount of money can heal but it can pay my bills and takes care of my family and also creating new isrc codes and yes, I have ppwk before you ask!!!

One hand washes the other and then there’s covid, pandemic, friends who are really foes and y’all are on some bullsh*t and know it, the anniversary of my moms death and birthday is coming and someone compromised all my accounts etc and producers who keep creating new isrc codes and adding themselves to again be greedy and I’m tired of y’alls sh*t. I’m not naming names cause the guilt should eat you up enough.

I smile through enough and I’m done so the fact that I haven’t personally named names in any interview should speak to my integrity and I could go on… @kerrygordyofficial and @meekonation7 are the people fixing this nonsense because at this point legal is #mia and so is admin so ummm there you have it …my heart is broken and it will only take #GOD who is good to fix this but my pain lies so deep, so if you don’t hear from me this is why.

I need y’all to know how much I really relate to the public and if you don’t hear from me personally, I’m processing .. it’s not all gravy all the time #lipstick and #lashes are just a cover so y’all be blessed and know I was just trying to add light to peoples day ❤️?? #Friday #cecepeniston#facts #mood

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You never know what someone is going through.

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