Davis MacLean and Cooper Saxe

The streets of Twitter are in shambles over “Power Book II: Ghost” Season 3 Episode 8!

Just when you think the writers can’t up the ante on this already incredible season they’re like…

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In Episode 8, titled, “Sacrifices,” everyone’s shenanigans and shady activities were exposed and the “Power” universe said goodbye to an OG.

Diana has been arrested and Jenny Sullivan and Detective Blanca Rodriguez are putting a full-court press on her for any information that would help them solidify their RICO case. 

Power Book II Ghost Season 3 Episode 8

Thanks to his intel from Lauren, Tariq now knows the feds are trying to jam them up with a RICO case and he informs Davis MacLean and the Tejadas. 

Cooper Saxe attempts to play chess by representing Diana in her drug case, but Davis throws a monkey wrench in his play by telling Diana to throw Effie under the bus.

Meanwhile, back at Stanfield, Effie was under Cane..literally not figuratively.

Monet takes precautions now that the block is hot, but the Castillo family isn’t thrilled about slowing down business especially considering the fact that they haven’t heard a peep from Gordon since his last “meat and greet” with Dru.

Dru Tejada

Chile…Dru is going through it after busting cap in his homie/lover/play cousin only to find out the love of his life done hopped out of the closet on national TV with a new boo.

Brayden is still reeling after learning that his Uncle and Kiki are running a Ponzi scheme out of Weston Holdings and he tells Tariq about it. 

RSJ - Tariq St. Patrick - Power Book II Ghost Season 3 Episode 8

Tariq promptly informs the company’s latest big fish, RSJ, who reluctantly teams with Ghost’s son in an effort to retrieve their funds.

While caring is sharing, Davis MacLean shared some information with his brother Theo and the outcome was absolutely devastating.

Davis MacLean - Theo

Sidebar: I have to take my wig off to Method Man who was absolutely in his acting bag in this episode. 

Twitter Reactions To “Power Book II: Ghost” Season 3 Episode 8

As you can imagine the streets of Twitter are buzzing about Episode 8.

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Season 3 Cast:

Power Book II: Ghost” Season 3 stars Michael Rainey Jr. as “Tariq St. Patrick,” Mary J. Blige as “Monet Stewart Tejada,” Shane Johnson as “Cooper Saxe,” Gianni Paolo as “Brayden Weston,” Cliff “Method Man” Smith as “Davis MacLean,” Larenz Tate as “Rashad Tate,” Berto Colon as “Lorenzo Tejada,” Woody McClain as “Cane Tejada,” Lovell Adams-Gray as “Dru Tejada,” LaToya Tonodeo as “Diana Tejada,” Alix Lapri as “Effie Morales,” and Paton Ashbrook as “Jenny Sullivan.” 

Joining the cast this season is Monique Curnen as “Detective Blanca Rodriguez,” Keesha Sharp as “Professor Harper Bennet,” David Walton as “Lucas Weston,” Gbenga Akinnagbe as “Ron Samuel Jenkins” aka “RSJ,” and Moriah Brown as “KeKe Travis.” 

New episodes of “Power Book II: Ghost” drop every Friday on Starz and the Starz App.