Larenz Tate Says Jada Pinkett Smith Turned Down ‘Dead Presidents’ Role Because Of Tupac (Video)

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Here’s a little fun fact for today… Larenz Tate revealed Jada Pinkett Smith was offered the role of Delilah Benson in the classic film Dead Presidents, but she turned down the role because of Tupac.

It’s no secret Jada and Tupac were very close and had a “special connection,” so much so that she turned down the role in the Hughes Brothers film because Pac was beefing with them.

According to Larenz:

She had worked with the Hughes brothers, she really liked them, she had a good relationship with Tupac, and she just didn’t want to get in the middle of it and she thought if she had done that movie it would have been a little weird.

Watch the clip below:

With all due respect, I can’t see anyone but N’Bushe Wright in that role.

Your thoughts?

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