Chris Brown - Talm Bout video

Chris Brown is celebrating his 34th birthday with the release of the official music video for “Talm’ Bout.” 

In the catchy single, Breezy is reading clout-chasing women for filth as he sings:

Girl, you ain’t no good, you keep tellin’ lies

Just say what you want, you ain’t gotta hide

I can see the fake written all over your face

Won’t want no game with me, you know that’s a mistake

Know I keep it real, this ain’t no disguise

Girl, you know you bad, that ain’t no surprise

You get what you want when that ass in my face

And you do it for fun, girl, you love the chase

If you want the cash, then, baby, make it drop

Give you what you ask ’til you get to the top

No, you won’t be lonely if you come through tonight (no)

I wanna bring a friend, we could get to it right

Look at these b***hes on me

F**k is you talkin’ ’bout?

B***hes on me and my homies

Tryna get all the clout (oh, she)

She just want the money like it’s all free

Cause I got a lot of racks on me

The black and white visual, directed by X Travis Colbert features a lot of footage from the European leg of Chris Brown’s “Under the Influence Tour.” 

Get into the official music video below.

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