Former Georgia Detention Officer Wanquilla Anthony, Accused Of Falsifying Overtime Hours Nearly 2x Her Salary

Former Georgia detention officer Wanquilla Anthony is accused of nearly tripling her salary after she allegedly falsified her overtime hours. 

Investigators discovered that Wanquilla’s base salary of $ 50,000 a year was boosted to $130,000 in 2022 after she worked her magic on her OT sheets.

Wanquilla was found out after Sheriff Pat Labot’s office conducted an audit on overtime pay to see which employees were earning the most.

She was arrested and charged with multiple felonies, including theft by taking, first-degree forgery, and violation of oath by a public officer.

The Human Resources department received the name of the sergeant who Wanquilla claimed signed her timesheet, but he told investigators that he hadn’t worked with her since 2021.

Investigators had the sergeant sign a blank timesheet, and his signature did not match the one on Wanquilla Anthony’s time sheet.

Another sergeant interviewed by investigators stated she was surprised Wanquilla earned six figures because she calls out a lot.

She frequently calls out, saying her husband is sick and has to have surgery.

The sergeant also said that Wanquilla took a vacation day last month, but court documents confirmed that her timesheet showed she worked 17 hours that day.

Sheriff Pat Labat made the following statements concerning the issue:

It’s physically impossible for somebody to work those kinds of hours.

This particular young lady had falsified documents, forged those documents and in fact was stealing time.

This is not representative of the hundreds of women and men that work for the Fulton County Sheriff’s office.

I believe this is an outlier where somebody got greedy.

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Sheriff Labot has had two other major incidents recently with female deputies that landed them behind bars.

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Source: Yahoo! news

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