Lil Durk was a recent guest on the hit podcast, “Million Dollaz Worth of Game,” and Wallo gave the rapper some advice that was invaluable.

In the powerful clip, Wallo opens up about forgiving the man who killed his brother as he tries to plead with Durk and his crew not to engage in street violence to avenge the death of King Von.

On November 6, 2020, the 26-year-old rapper was shot and killed in Atlanta.

Wallo shed tears as he shared:

I forgave my brother’s killer and I’m saying that to say this…

The n***a that killed my brother…my brother died in my grandma’s arms…in the f**kin house that we grew up in.

He shot my brother…he ran to the house…he died in Nanny’s arms when she opened the door.

So, I’m telling you this…it’s some real sh*t man.

If I didn’t let the sh*t go, I wouldn’t be right here today. I wouldn’t be here for niece and my nephews, me and Gill wouldn’t be doing this, y’all wouldn’t know me…I wouldn’t be able to give y’all this game!

I had to let that sh*t go. When I let that sh*t go, I started to grow and I started to glow.

And now I’m here today and it was hard as a motherf**ker!

Wallo went on to say:

I understand what y’all going through. But, I love all you young n***as in here and I mean that sh*t!

I love you n***as and I hope y’all make it out! I hope y’all make it the f**k out!

Lil Durk reacted saying:

It’s so crazy. He in this motherf**kah really dropping tears for this sh*t.

Watch the clip below.

Gillie, being who he is, mocked Wallo for getting emotional.

The full interview with Lil Durk drops tomorrow.

I pray all of the young men take heed to the message.