Vivica A. Fox Said She Would Spin The Block With Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson

Vivica A. Fox recently appeared on the “Sherri” show and revealed that she would be open to dating Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson again.

After talking about the upcoming movie that she’s directing and Judge Greg Mathis is co-executive producing, The First Lady of BMF: The Tonesa Welch Story, host of the show Sherri Shepherd told Vivica she knows her ex 50 Cent is not happy about the movie because he posted about it.

Sherri took the optimistic perspective of 50 Cent still saying Vivica’s name, and she asked her how she feels about that.

Vivica responded:

Well, ah, my phone started blowing up, and I was like, ‘Lord, what I do now?’…

You know, and, ah, yeah, Curtis finally said something about your movie.

And, you know, I took it as a compliment, I did.

I was like, ‘That was his way of showing support.’

Thanks boo!

Sherri continued to press the issue by bringing up when 50 shot his shot at Vivica 13 years ago onstage at the BET Awards.

Sherri insisted that the way 50 keeps saying Vivica’s name there must be some lingering feelings there, and she asked Vivica if she would ever date him again.

Vivica responded:

Well, Ben and Jen did it again… why not!

Vivica’s response led Sherri to press the issue even more, but Vivica did acknowledge that 50 does have a girlfriend.

He has a beautiful girlfriend by the name of Cuban Link.

Watch the clip of the Vivica A. Fox interview from the “Sherri” show below:

Since dating 13 years ago, 50 Cent and Vivica A. Fox have had quite an interesting history of throwing jabs at one another that sometimes got very ugly.

The fact that she would even consider spinning the block shows just how much she still loves him.

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