Judge Mathis Said He Only Responded To 50 Cent Because ‘He Put My Name In His Mouth’

Judge Mathis said he wants no smoke with 50 Cent, and he only responded to him about the BMF biopic because he was called out first.

50 Cent got spicy with his ex, Vivica A. Fox and Judge Mathis on social media after they started promoting their BET film, First Lady of BMF: The Tonesa Welch Story.

Vivica is the director of the biopic, and Judge Mathis is the executive producer.

50 Cent threw some shade at Vivica and Judge Mathis about the biopic in an Instagram post.

50 wrote:

This should say 263 not BMF,  @southwest263 🤷🏽‍♂️ What the fvck is this man ! ☕️🐸.

Vivica ugh, So your not gonna ever leave me alone hun? 👀 and what the fvck is judge Mathis doing in this mix😳.

It appears 50 is taking issue with their biopic because his “BMF” Starz series has completed two highly successful seasons, and now Vivica and Judge Mathis is dipping into the pot.

Judge Mathis responded to 50’s post by saying there is enough money to go around for everyone, and he said he only responded because 50 mentioned his name first.

But, it’s not a beef at all.

It’s, ah, one Detroiter telling a man that’s doing some work in Detroit that, um, you know, to lay off the work that we’re doing in Detroit regarding the BMF story.

And it’s the ‘First Lady of BMF’, that’s all, I mean, I respect him, and I don’t engage in rap beefs.

That’s not who I am…

He mentioned my name first. That’s the only reason why I said it because he put his name in my mouth!…

I mean, he put my name in his mouth!…

That’s how we operate. He’s from the street, I’m from the street.

He was shot nine times, I been shot two…

Right on my ankle!… I been shot just like 50.

Watch the Judge Mathis interview from “TMZ” below:

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