Claudia Jordan sides with Busta Rhymes in groping incident

TV and radio personality Claudia Jordan recently sided with Busta Rhymes’ reaction of throwing water on an overzealous fan who smacked his butt.

Watch the video of the incident below:

Claudia Jordan made multiple points in support of Busta’s reaction.

She said that she believes it’s fair to let people have their reaction to being violated.

Claudia added that she knows people like to make fun of a man getting violated, but she feels people should keep the same energy because if the roles were reversed the female would be totally in the right.

He should feel safe when he’s out in public where no one’s grabbing his private parts.

People need to keep their hands to themselves. You know, I do think we like to make fun of men if they complain if it comes from a woman, but I think we got to keep the same energy.

Yeah, I think he was right to feel violated. He was…

I mean, I think it’s fair to let people have their reaction to being violated. We don’t know what that could be triggering in him.

He might be with his girlfriend, and a girl comes up and grabs his butt. Now you done messed up the man’s night. She’s mad at him, like, ‘Who is that b***h?’ You know what I mean?…

If it was a woman it’d be hands down, she was totally in the right. It’s totally okay that she threw a drink in the guy’s face, he violated.

So ladies, we want, you know, we want to, you know, be treated the same, we’re gonna have to take that one. You don’t get special treatment on that. I don’t think.

Speaking to The Shade Room, the fan said she only wanted to take a photo with Busta.

But, she admitted that she made a poor decision in how she went about it.

“I didn’t mean to touch his behind honestly I was just happy to meet him and wanted a pic been a long-time fan I admit I shouldn’t have touch him at all but he’s BUSTA.”

Claudia Jordan is a television and radio personality, model, and beauty pageant queen hailing from Providence, Rhode Island.

She has also had a successful career in television and radio, appearing on shows such as “The Real Housewives of Atlanta“, “Celebrity Apprentice“, and “The Next: 15″.

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Source: TMZ

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