Viola Davis Says She Was Stressed Playing Michelle Obama In ‘The First Lady’ on Showtime

Viola Davis recently appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, and she talked about how stressful it was playing Michelle Obama in the Showtime series, “The First Lady.”

After playing a clip from the series, Jimmy Kimmel gave Viola accolades for her performance, and she responded:

And I’m glad it’s over!

I mean, the stress…

Cause everybody loves Michelle Obama.

They know what she sounds like, they know what she looks like, and then I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I don’t want Michelle Obama calling me cussing me out.’

I mean, that’s the kind of thing where you just have to prostrate yourself on the floor and go okay Michelle I messed up.

Watch the clip from “Jimmy Kimmel Live” below:

Viola Davis produced the 10-episode anthology series that delves deep into the personal and political lives of Michelle Obama, Betty Ford played by Michelle Pfeiffer and Eleanore Roosevelt played by Gillian Anderson.

The series explores everything from their journeys to Washington, their family life, and world-changing political contributions.

The impact of the White House’s women is no longer hidden from view.

The First Lady,” created by Aaron Cooley, is slated to premiere on Sunday, April 17 on Showtime. 

Watch the trailer below.

Will you be watching this Sunday?

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