Pusha T grieves the passing of both parents

Pusha T became emotional as he reflected on the passing of his parents during an in-depth interview with Charlamagne Tha God.

After Charlamagne gave his condolences, he asked Push how he deals with grief.

Push revealed that his parents passed four months apart, and he knows he was “really good” with them before they passed.

He said he grieves selfishly and he’s grieving now.

He then takes a long pause, and you can see the sorrow in his eyes as he has his moment of reflection.

They all right… I know it.

Charlamagne then asked Push if his understanding of what legacy is has changed since losing both parents and having a son.

Push responds, “Yeah, I think so man,” while wiping away a tear with his right hand.

He then asks for a tissue.

Once he regained his composure, Pusha T shared:

Legacy is everything right now for me. 

Because I understand that in their passing, you know, I have so many great things to reference and with a tainted legacy you don’t have that.

I think about my son and he’s going to be able to look at the legacy of his dad and be like, ‘Aww man, he was amazing,’ because that’s my goal. 

Because they [his parents] were amazing. 

He went on to add: 

When you lose a parent you lose a superhero and I don’t care how old they are or how sick they are.

You can’t…you’re never ready. 

You’re never ready.

Watch the video below:

Eerily, Pusha T’s mom passed on the anniversary of Kanye West’s mom’s death.

May God comfort Pusha T and his family as they grieve.

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