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NeNe Leakes Says She’s Being Harassed & Followed

NeNe Leakes Sues Andy Cohen, Bravo, & NBCUniversal For Fostering A Hostile & Racist Work Environment 

Less than a week after announcing she has been blacklisted, NeNe Leakes took to social media to share she, her business, and her family are being harassed.

The former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star also noted that she is being followed and whoever is blacklisting “Black women for telling the truth” is also paying off attorneys not to file discrimination charges.

She added:

They always Blacklist you when you tell the truth.

See her original tweet below.

While NeNe is very careful not to call anyone out by name, many of her fans are making assumptions and she’s seemingly consigning them with retweets.

Peep a few of NeNe’s most recent retweets below.


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