Victoria Monet attends Armani Beauty Celebrates the Launch of Prisma Glass Lip Gloss on March 22, 2024 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Presley Ann/Getty Images for Armani Beauty )

Victoria Monét is trending on Twitter and it’s not because she’s dropped another video so fire that it will scorch your edges. 

The Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter’s name is buzzing in the streets of social media after a woman took to her Twitter timeline and said she is Victoria’s half sister.

On Father’s Day Victoria Monét shared a sweet photo of herself embracing her father along with the caption:

✨ spending our first Father’s Day together ever  🥹 a real blessing! The little girl in me is so happyyyyyy 🤎 healing 📶

On Wednesday, Zhanae reposted Victoria’s post along with the caption: 

I’m glad you got a chance to meet him finally, I’m 23 and haven’t seen him 20 years of my life…and he’s never bothered to reach out to me.

Wow ANTHONY DETAMOORE or however u spell it !!!

So Victoria Monet is my half sister?? 🥺🥺🥺🥺

See the posts below. 

Someone reacted to Zhanae’s post writing, “This did not come from a good place at all. You are out of line.”

Another person wrote: 

Well just cause he don’t want nothing to do with YOU, don’t do that to her and steal her moment with him.

Tell your story somewhere else cause this ain’t gonna change nothing.

Cause that was f**ked up!

You could’ve dm her and said you were her sister not all this 😕

To which Zhanae responded:

& 2nd off my story deserves to be heard too how dare u spend time with ur other kids on Father’s Day like u are bettering your life and u have other kids out here.

And I have reached out when I was younger he was not interested so u think imma reach out again ??? 😭 CRAZY

Watch Zhanae’s Story Time below.

You may recall that during an interview with Rolling Stone, Victoria Monét opened up about having to search for her absentee father and how he initially rejected her. 

Zhanae has received a mixed bag of reactions to her post with some offering support and others attacking her for speaking out about her (alleged) experience. 

Read a few Twitter reactions below.

Please join me in sending love and positivity to Victoria Monét and Zhanae. 

Hopefully, they will eventually make a genuine connection.

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